People asking for updates time and time again, and the
only thing I can say is "sorry folks, I've got no spare time."
Also, I want to bring up a new design and up-to-date
This will take time... we're grown folks now. Other things in
life demand more attention than 10 years ago.

 session 2008-09 finally opened
 we've got a major UKW comeback 3 plus pages
 also about 3 new pages in the joint ventures

Some general navigation infos for newbies on this website:

- for a navigation description please hit the barcode 
  at top-left corner!
- to see this update info again hit the "rowdyclub" tag at 
  bottom-right corner!
- to explore the down the trainline map
  there is much more to see than the usual graff stuff ;D

- wanna hear/stop music? try the express stop on the left trainline
  heading from south to primary terminal